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One of the latest emails I got from "The Happiness Project" focused on an interesting idea.  The idea is to boil down all your New Year's Resolutions/Goals into one word. (I added the link on the bottom of this post)  This way your one word can be your "theme" for the year.  I like the simplicity of it.  After thinking about this for half the day, and also reviewing what I had said a couple weeks about my "goals"... I came up with a word. 


All my ideas for bringing more happiness into my life have to do with "doing things I like" that I haven't been doing much of in the last couple years.  One month turns into 3 months, 9 months and then somehow a year has passed.  I had gotten so sucked into all the excitement of my job that other parts of my life just got pushed aside. 

I found that I had become "too busy" for things I enjoy.  And that doesn't even make sense.  

So I have posted the word a couple places so I won't be sucked into work overload.  Having made a commitment with others for the Couch to 5K has kept me on task for one goal that helps me with balance, however I imagine I need to figure out some other ways to keep my one word theme in my field of vision...  Any suggestions?

I would like to hear what your ONE word is ... please share. 


Alum said...

2 words...anti-anxiety
added bonus...without meds

Jennifer Rizzo said...

My word is .. serious....
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment!!!

Kathy said...

Live...instead of exist. Go out of my comfort zone.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate...every moment for what it is.

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