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I had a writer's block of sorts...felt like I should finish reading the January chapter of "The Happiness Project" before I went any further..I am glad I read it, but I realize just the same that my inspiration doesn't have to come from a "source".  HP suggests that we list our personal goals for the year..and when the HP author wrote her list, she decided that if she didn't address having more energy in her life, the other goals might not get reached.  Makes sense to me. 
I joined a "couch to 5K" running group, it started on January 3rd.  We are training to run a 5k on March 12th.  Now, please, for those who don't see me..I am a SLOTH.  I love to sit.  I like sitting activities..eating, reading, looking at the internet..see the pattern?  But some how my unconscious was pulling me.  I know I REALLY to get going or I will turn into a true blob.  Truthfully, I want my insides and outside to match.  Right now they don't. So off I go 3 times a week on a jog/walk training program.  I really like it.  Please know that I am the last one in every time.  When we finish, I go home and I feel really happy inside.  Not the accomplishment..it is a combination of clear air and endorphins.  I have every faith that I will cross a finish line on March 12th AND it will help me accomplish my goals for this year.

The goals I am thinking about for this year are ones that help me create happiness for ME.  So far my plan includes:
  • Sewing/crafting at least 1 time every 2 weeks.  ( I don't want to bust out crying in public like I did this past year when someone innocently asked me if I missed sewing)
  • Pulling my book group back together !  We met almost every 6 weeks for 15 plus years. I realize I am the glue here..and when my job moved to a travel job..the group has just limped along.  I miss these woman and what this has brought to me.
  • Really edit my closet and dresser drawers.  The clutter and overstuffed spaces do a number on my personal mental health.  I can pull out 1 drawer a week and be done before spring happens.

I found a quiz that might help identify your "happiness" activities, here's the link
Enough about me.. What are you thinking about that will bring happiness into your corner of the world?


Alum said...

Quit all my obsessive compulsory negative habits...the same ole' stuff, smoking, drinking & drugs.
Maybe not the drugs since they're prescribed by my doctor and gets me through the day.
To perfect the positive obsessive compulsions which are beneficial in helping me deal with life's challenges and the unexpected occurrences, both good and bad, that creep up from time to time.
I'm being too normal here in my comment which is one thing I don't aspire to in my own realm of consciousness.

I am not Alum...can't shake that former pseudonym from a blog I had years ago. I've been unsuccessful in editing it out so there you go....

Anonymous said...

I have two goals left over from my major renovation I started 4 years ago. You see, I had just went through a traumatic experience back then and I decided it was time to rebuild. By rebuild I mean get back to the real me. So my philosophy was much like people renovating a historic landmark. Stay authentic, but shore up the foundation, repair any leaks. Enhancements were fine so long as they stayed true to my authentic core. I have made my way through my list and am down to the last two. Once I accomplish something in those areas I can make a new list - some maintenance but it will finally be time to focus on enhancements.

Anyway with all that being said this year I will:
- complete training so Enzo can be a therapy dog and participate in a program that helps kids read.
- clean my house. I don't know why I struggle with this. I think I need to find a way to make it fun. But a clean house fits into my goal of having a balanced life, so it is time to "Git r done."

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