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One of the latest emails I got from "The Happiness Project" focused on an interesting idea.  The idea is to boil down all your New Year's Resolutions/Goals into one word. (I added the link on the bottom of this post)  This way your one word can be your "theme" for the year.  I like the simplicity of it.  After thinking about this for half the day, and also reviewing what I had said a couple weeks about my "goals"... I came up with a word. 


All my ideas for bringing more happiness into my life have to do with "doing things I like" that I haven't been doing much of in the last couple years.  One month turns into 3 months, 9 months and then somehow a year has passed.  I had gotten so sucked into all the excitement of my job that other parts of my life just got pushed aside. 

I found that I had become "too busy" for things I enjoy.  And that doesn't even make sense.  

So I have posted the word a couple places so I won't be sucked into work overload.  Having made a commitment with others for the Couch to 5K has kept me on task for one goal that helps me with balance, however I imagine I need to figure out some other ways to keep my one word theme in my field of vision...  Any suggestions?

I would like to hear what your ONE word is ... please share. 

I think I have waited long enough, have you?


I had a writer's block of sorts...felt like I should finish reading the January chapter of "The Happiness Project" before I went any further..I am glad I read it, but I realize just the same that my inspiration doesn't have to come from a "source".  HP suggests that we list our personal goals for the year..and when the HP author wrote her list, she decided that if she didn't address having more energy in her life, the other goals might not get reached.  Makes sense to me. 
I joined a "couch to 5K" running group, it started on January 3rd.  We are training to run a 5k on March 12th.  Now, please, for those who don't see me..I am a SLOTH.  I love to sit.  I like sitting activities..eating, reading, looking at the internet..see the pattern?  But some how my unconscious was pulling me.  I know I REALLY to get going or I will turn into a true blob.  Truthfully, I want my insides and outside to match.  Right now they don't. So off I go 3 times a week on a jog/walk training program.  I really like it.  Please know that I am the last one in every time.  When we finish, I go home and I feel really happy inside.  Not the is a combination of clear air and endorphins.  I have every faith that I will cross a finish line on March 12th AND it will help me accomplish my goals for this year.

The goals I am thinking about for this year are ones that help me create happiness for ME.  So far my plan includes:
  • Sewing/crafting at least 1 time every 2 weeks.  ( I don't want to bust out crying in public like I did this past year when someone innocently asked me if I missed sewing)
  • Pulling my book group back together !  We met almost every 6 weeks for 15 plus years. I realize I am the glue here..and when my job moved to a travel job..the group has just limped along.  I miss these woman and what this has brought to me.
  • Really edit my closet and dresser drawers.  The clutter and overstuffed spaces do a number on my personal mental health.  I can pull out 1 drawer a week and be done before spring happens.

I found a quiz that might help identify your "happiness" activities, here's the link
Enough about me.. What are you thinking about that will bring happiness into your corner of the world?

It's No Mistake, ...right?


What a wonderful coinky dinky !  I decided I needed to start over, from the beginning.  Reading I mean.  "The Happiness Project".  And what do I discover, even before page one?  That one of the very quotes on happiness the author uses, is the VERY same one I used in the "about me" section of the blog.   Obviously I am off to a grand start, right?  Except for that weird floating undefined box thing on the left side of the blog post..

Let's take a look at this month's theme in the  "The Happiness Project" (which from now on I will just refer to as HP for short).
January's Theme is : Boost Energy/Vitality
Luckily, we have 31 days in the calendar to wrap our arms around this one.  I imagine there are many different ways one can do this...emotionally, physically, spiritually and so forth....  
One of the suggestions from HP is that we first take stock of what we are doing well in this arena. 
For me, I get energy from laughing with friends- and try to connect to them with email and facebook...which is easy to manage while I am on the road traveling most weeks.
I started using a meditation practice a little over 2 years ago and I find it really helps me feel refreshed and also quiet down when I am a bit over stimulated.
And strangely enough lately I have been using Google Images to look at different pictures... of snowflakes, halloween quilts, and whatever else random idea that pops in my head..some of those pictures will end up here.

I would like to ask you to share :  What do you do that helps boost your energy/vitality?  

Let's Get This Party Started


Okay, so I am a day late... but when you hear me say Happy New Year, I mean it!  I didn't push myself to meet the do so would be in the direct opposite of my goal.  The goal being HAPPINESS !

I would like some company. You know what they say about happiness gets doubled or something like that...
Anyhow, I imagine that we can collectively find and create more happiness in a group.  I have been inspired to take this trek by "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin.  I will be reading her book as one of my sources of inspiration. 

I have been entertaining this "happiness project" idea for more than 6 months..and maybe truthfully it's probably more like 9 months.  And as I kept floating this idea around in my head, I imagine I was looking for a sign to whether or not to "jump in" and see who I could drag into the water with me (this is where YOU come into the picture) ! When I am looking for a sign, I usually find it.  This specific sign was found in the check out aisle of Walmart no less.  It was actually taunting me.  The sign was dressed up on a Real Simple Magazine cover, "be happier this year..9 surprising strategies to get you there". How could I resist? I had purchased the Happiness Project book earlier this year, the fresh new 2011 calendar taunts me...seriously, what could hold me back?

I have added the link to the story from Real Simple magazine..a teaser to get us started...and you can see why it actually is a good time of the year (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere) to help raise our mood. 

and let me make a quick disclaimer: This is my first attempt of making a blog, a blog page, blog blog blah expect mistakes, changes and whatnot...  - Susi

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“There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy. By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world.” — Robert Louis Stevenson


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