It's No Mistake, ...right?


What a wonderful coinky dinky !  I decided I needed to start over, from the beginning.  Reading I mean.  "The Happiness Project".  And what do I discover, even before page one?  That one of the very quotes on happiness the author uses, is the VERY same one I used in the "about me" section of the blog.   Obviously I am off to a grand start, right?  Except for that weird floating undefined box thing on the left side of the blog post..

Let's take a look at this month's theme in the  "The Happiness Project" (which from now on I will just refer to as HP for short).
January's Theme is : Boost Energy/Vitality
Luckily, we have 31 days in the calendar to wrap our arms around this one.  I imagine there are many different ways one can do this...emotionally, physically, spiritually and so forth....  
One of the suggestions from HP is that we first take stock of what we are doing well in this arena. 
For me, I get energy from laughing with friends- and try to connect to them with email and facebook...which is easy to manage while I am on the road traveling most weeks.
I started using a meditation practice a little over 2 years ago and I find it really helps me feel refreshed and also quiet down when I am a bit over stimulated.
And strangely enough lately I have been using Google Images to look at different pictures... of snowflakes, halloween quilts, and whatever else random idea that pops in my head..some of those pictures will end up here.

I would like to ask you to share :  What do you do that helps boost your energy/vitality?  


Anonymous said...

I definitely get energy from laughing and connecting with friends - old and new.

The other thing that energizies me probably the most is being outside, especially near water. I am at my happiest and most in tune with my true self at the beach. When that isn't possible I go to the Chatahoochee River and walk. I feel lighter the minute I get to the parking lot there.

And music...I can't forget to add that. Certain songs just resonate for me. I have a list of "go to" songs that lift me up.

Susi - would love to hear more about meditating. This is something I try to do, but I am a total beginner. Maybe you can share that in a future blog?

Josephine said...

Susi--this is incredible. And, I think that "undefined" box is another magical message...the definition of undefined is "without fixed limits". Here's to us and our happiness knowing no limits!

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